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This is not an exhaustive list. Participation on this list by our members is purely voluntary. If you'd like to have your information added, please use the contact form to request inclusion.

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This is a volunteer position, often costing these volunteers money, not earning it, and definitely costing them their time. Please be kind when asking for their help or otherwise communicating with them.

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R J Theodore  (Author Link)

R J Theodore (she/they) is an author and graphic designer. Her short fiction has appeared in MetaStellar, Lightspeed, and Fireside Magazines as well as the Glitter + Ashes and Unfettered Hexes anthologies from Neon Hemlock Press. They are also the issue layout designer for The Deadlands Magazine. Learn more at their website.

Fairfield County Writers Group General Members

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Elizabeth Chatsworth  (Author Link)

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Morgan Daimler  (Author Link)

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Anna Giblin  (Author Link)

Discord user black.bird.fly

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Roman Godzich  (Author Link)

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Elizabeth Howard  (Author Link)

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Susan Israel  (Author Link)

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Heather Nelson  (Author Link)